10 YouTube Vlog Ideas You Can Do Today 5

10 YouTube Vlog Ideas You Can Do Today

Vlogging can be both fun and rewarding. It's a fantastic way to entertain yourself with some humorous antics while also sharing your day with an audience that has unlimited growth potential. However, in order to reach viewers and ultimately build up a subscriber base, you have to be vlogging regularly, and you have to make sure they're as interesting for other people to watch as they are for yourself to make.


The trouble is, whether you're just getting started or going on to publish your hundredth vlog, coming up with original ideas can prove difficult. You might even think of yourself as the creative type, but at the end of the day, finding something to talk about in your life in every video that's going to be interesting to other people is a challenge many vloggers struggle to overcome.

To help you get some inspiration, I made a list of my top 10 favorite ideas that I enjoy watching. If you are totally out of ideas, this list could take your vlog to the next level.

1. Your Favorite Hobby

One thing that you might find yourself bringing up in just a normal everyday conversation is your favorite hobby. This might be a sport that you play, a team you support, or just an activity that you find yourself doing. Chances are, you have more than one hobby. So, why not talk about them?

Because a hobby is something you really enjoy doing, and because it’s something you do just for fun without any expectation of return (i.e., you aren’t doing it for money or praise), that means it is something you are really passionate about whether you realize it or not.

That’s what makes it such a fantastic topic for your vlogs. But, don’t think that this means you should turn on the camera and simply begin rambling on about the topic. Instead, you should think about your hobby and some interesting stories you can tell in relation to it. Use your hobby as the starting point, a conversation opener, and then take your vlog elsewhere so that it gets very interesting.

Doing so should actually give you many vlog ideas with stories you can slightly embellish and all sorts of humorous memories you can recall. It can also help you open up a bit more to your audience. How’d you get into this hobby? Have you met any close friends because of it? How has it helped challenge and shape you as a person? Those are stories and life lessons you can reflect on in your vlogs that will show people your true personality.

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What's your favorite hobby?

2. How-To's

Everybody knows something, and that’s why how-to style videos are particularly popular in the vlogging community. Do you have a special skill? Do you have a really cool technique you could teach someone? You don’t have to be an expert at any given topic in order to share your knowledge about it, you just need to know how to do something in a way that can offer value to others. It doesn’t have to be a big part of your channel either.

Say that your little brother’s birthday is coming up, as one example, and you’re baking them a cake. That would make a fantastic topic for a vlog in and of itself, but while decorating you might have discovered a way to actually ice and decorate the cake in a unique way. That technique, style, or idea could be shared with others in a how-to video. It could be a segment of your regular vlog or you could even make it the main topic of a vlog.

When you start thinking about these little possibilities, suddenly your vlogs will begin to fill up with content that isn’t just entertaining to watch, it’s also helpful to some viewers who may find themselves faced with a similar challenge. For instance, maybe you’re just doing small improvement jobs around your house and you found a cool “hack” to ___________ better, faster, or in a more fun way. All of that would be great for a vlog segment!

When you see the possibilities in these everyday activities and duties, and you’re able to film it with an entertaining or motivating twist, you’ll never run short of content for your vlogs.

3. Challenges

When you can’t find inspiration in your own life, it’s time to head out onto the internet and look up the latest challenges. Vloggers are always participating in viral challenges to help make their channels grow in popularity. Sometimes these are charity powered, like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and sometimes they are just for fun. Just make sure you only do safe challenges! Don’t risk it with the “Tide Pod Challenge” or similar stupidity.

When you complete a challenge, you can challenge your friends and fellow vloggers by name at the end of the video. If you have been challenged by someone, make sure to mention who challenged you at the start of the video and continue the process at the end of your challenge. Challenges can be fun to watch, and they can help garner attention for your channel.

If you don’t see any challenges that you want to participate in right now, make up your own or check out this list of 100 challengers from Buzzfeed.

4. Pranks

Along the same lines of a challenge, prank videos can really garner massive attention for your channel--even more so if you come up with a really good one! You can copy-cat pranks from other channels in the past or, better yet, figure out your own pranks that you can think up.

Now, your pranks don’t have to be all that elaborate. Just look at how many views simple “I scared my …” videos regularly get. But, the more interesting and unique you make your prank videos, the more attention they’ll get.

5. Reacting To...

Reaction videos are a fantastic way to get new content for your channel while also sharing content that you have newly discovered with your viewers. You can react to compilations, music videos, concerts, and all sorts of other topics. Just look up some reaction videos to get some inspiration.

When making a reaction video, be sure to include the “Fair Use Notice” in your video’s description. Under copyright law in the United States, you can repurpose content so long as it is for educational or critique purposes. Your reaction would be considered a critique of the original content.

6. Interviews

Know someone interesting? Want to do a collaboration with a friend or fellow vlogger? Interviews are a fantastic way to bring attention to your channel while also producing entertaining content at the same time. Make sure the person you interview goes wild when it comes to sharing the video, that way you can garner the power of their own social circle.

This is a fantastic way to grow out your subscriber base and come up with interesting content.

7. Your Thoughts on Big Topics

Without getting too controversial, your vlogs can take the chance to focus on current events in a way that allows you to share your opinions on big topics. With a big audience, you are able to reach out to many people in questions that are important to you. But, while you can get as controversial as you’d like, keep in mind that that can quickly turn off subscribers whether they agree with you or not.

If your main game right now is growing your audience and your reach, you should shy away from divisive topics and focus on other news and events that already have a general consensus, like public issues everyone speaks out against (such as animal cruelty, poverty, and so on). 

8. Unboxing/Reviews

Not only do you get to buy new things, which is always fun and exciting, unboxing videos also allow you to express your first impression of a product. Plus, if your channel gets especially popular, you’ll soon find that companies are sponsoring your review videos. That could mean a payment or a free product in exchange for a video where you use or talk about their product.

Just be sure you share your honest opinions and, if you do get sponsored or if you get a discounted/free item, make sure you mention that as well in the interest of full disclosure. When reviewing an item, you can even make extra money by including an affiliate link to the product in the description.

9. "My Favorite..."

Bought products in the past that you really loved? Making vlogs that talk about your favorite items can be a great way to give some love to a company or product you know is reliable while also creating quality, trustworthy content for your channel.

10 YouTube Vlog Ideas You Can Do Today 7

Don't underestimate the power of friendship on camera. It looks good and the audience like it.

10. Games with Friends

When you run out of ideas, it never hurts to bring some friends into the shot! Usually, they’ll start their own entertaining story or conversation that will be enough to fill an entire vlog alone, but you can also sit down with them to play some games. Storytime with friends, exploring with friends, and so on are also great vlogging ideas.

As they always say: the more the merrier! Friends can really add an extra level of entertainment to your channel and have them in your videos will inspire them to share your channel with their own social network, boosting its growth.

So there you go! If your brain doesn't speak to you, hopefully any of these ideas do. These are the ones that I love to see the most. Can you come up with more? Comment about it and help a fellow vlogger find their idea! 

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