6 Tips for Getting Your First Subscribers on YouTube 5

6 Tips for Getting Your First Subscribers on YouTube

Getting people to subscribe to your YouTube channel is exciting, especially when you surpass 1,000 subscribers. That is the milestone that allows you to start monetizing your videos and create live streams.

Unfortunately, many YouTubers struggle to attract more subscribers. They keep putting out video after video and never gain any subscribers other than friends and family.

If you want to create a successful YouTube channel, the following tips should put you on the right path toward getting your first subscribers.

Creating High-Quality Video Content

Getting more subscribers and views starts with the creation of quality video content. YouTube users are less likely to watch an entire video if it is too difficult to view. Blurry or grainy videos cause people to stop watching early.

In the beginning, you may not have access to proper equipment, so a smartphone is good enough. Their cameras are so good these days, so it doesn’t really matter. What you should get, however, is a tripod or stand, like this selfie stick stand on Amazon, so that the camera is still and not moving around (which is the worst in videos).

Also, make sure that the lighting is good around you. You should use as much natural light as possible which will create a sharper video, but any lamp is good. It’s always better with as much light as possible.

Editing is also an important step in producing quality content. Take your time when editing to ensure that the topic is easy to follow and does not include any filler content that may bore your viewers.

6 Tips for Getting Your First Subscribers on YouTube 6
This Selfie-Stick Tripod will help you hold your phone or camera while filming.

The content itself also needs to be good. Always write a script or outline the topic before you start recording. You should also do your research to ensure that you get your facts right, especially when discussing a technical topic.

The length of the videos also impacts whether people stick around to subscribe. While it may take you half an hour to thoroughly explain your topic, most people do not have the time to watch lengthy videos. Market research shows that videos over five minutes receive less engagement and the most popular videos are usually 7 minutes or less.

If your topic requires more than 5-10 minutes of content, consider cutting the video into multiple parts. Creating a series of videos on a related topic also gives people a reason to come back for more videos.

Depending on your target audience, five minutes may even be too long for your videos. Some brands have found that two minutes is the ideal length to appeal to the widest range of viewers. You will have to test and see what you and your viewers are comfortable with.

When you publish your videos, remember to choose a short title that describes the content of your video. You want people to immediately know what your video is about.

Creating Custom Thumbnails for Your Videos

Besides choosing a short, descriptive title for your videos, you should also create custom thumbnails. The title and the thumbnail are what people see when they search for videos, which means that they are essential to attracting potential subscribers. This is something I have discussed before in my post on how to get higher clicks with custom thumbnails.

6 Tips for Getting Your First Subscribers on YouTube 7

When you upload a video, YouTube will provide several screen grabs that you can use for your thumbnail. However, these thumbnails may appear from random spots in your video, instead of showcasing the main topic of your video. Instead of relying on these screen grabs, you can create your own custom thumbnail.

Take the time to create a high-quality thumbnail taken directly from your video. Using screen capture software or your video editing software, you should be able to create your own screenshot. Ensure that the image is clear, in-focus, and relevant to your topic.

Some uploaders choose to add graphics in the thumbnail, such as an eye-catching headline. These graphics can help your videos stand out from others when people are scrolling through YouTube.

Publishing Videos on a Regular Schedule

The consistency of your videos can also help or hurt your efforts on YouTube. If you post videos infrequently, it is hard to build a following and gain new subscribers. You may even start to lose people who have already subscribed.

While you should avoid rushing videos, you may want to try to publish a new video at least once every one or two weeks. Choose a timeframe that you can stick with and avoid pushing yourself too hard.

You do not want to rush the production process simply to keep putting out videos each week. Again, the quality of the videos is one of the most essential components of a successful YouTube channel.

The top YouTube channels also post on the same days each week. Thursdays and Fridays tend to have the biggest viewing numbers and highest engagement levels, while Saturday often provides the most overall traffic.

6 Tips for Getting Your First Subscribers on YouTube 8

The time of the day that you post is another consideration. Studies of YouTube data reveal that the early afternoon is often the best time to reach more people on YouTube. If possible, try to post between noon and three in the afternoon.

The bottom line is that YouTube channels tend to be more successful when they stick to a regular posting schedule. Whether you choose to post every day of the week or once every two weeks, avoid taking on too much work, as it may result in delays and inferior videos.

Asking Your Viewers to Subscribe

One of the best tips for getting new subscribers is also one of the most overlooked. At the end of your video, you should ask your viewers to subscribe. It is a simple and effective way to remind people that they can subscribe to your channel.

You do not need to beg your viewers to subscribe. However, simply reminding them that they can subscribe may help you gain new subscribers. You can either include a short message at the end of your video or include an annotation with a link to the subscribe button.

Along with using annotations to remind people to subscribe, you can use annotations to make your videos more helpful. These annotations allow you to link to additional information related to your topic.

Sharing Your Videos on Social Media

After Google, YouTube may be the second-most visited website in the United States. However, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram also receive millions of views each day. Sharing your videos on these social media platforms may help you attract a larger audience.

You may also leverage your existing social media influence to gain new subscribers. Let your existing followers on Facebook or Twitter know about your YouTube channel, in the hopes of getting them to cover and subscribe.

YouTube makes it easy to share videos to your social media accounts, so there is no reason to skip this step. If you have a website, you should also consider embedding your latest YouTube video somewhere on your site to ensure that your visitors can discover your YouTube channel.

Creating Playlists Containing Related Videos

As your collection of videos grows, you should think about organizing your videos into playlists. A playlist is a great way to get people to binge watch a set of related videos, which increases the chance that they may subscribe to your channel.

These playlists also help keep your videos organized. You want people to easily find related content on your channel after watching one of your videos. This helps show your viewers that you offer a lot of quality content on the subject.

Along with these tips, there are many additional ways to grow your YouTube audience. For example, you should create a high-quality banner for your YouTube channel. If you want to promote a professional image, your videos, thumbnails, and your banner should be well-made.

Making the banner the right size prevents it from appearing blurry on certain devices. According to YouTube, the current size for channel art is 2560 x 1440 pixels. However, these recommendations can change. When creating a banner, search for the current recommended size for YouTube banners.

You may also want to start getting rid of some of your older videos. If you have been uploading videos for a while, you may have older videos that do not match your current brand or the quality of your newer videos. Delete these older videos, and focus on the creation of new, informative content.

Concluding These Tips

In the end, getting more YouTube subscribers requires work, starting with the production of helpful videos. The videos that you create need to provide value to your viewers, whether you are creating an informative tutorial or a humorous skit.

Besides the quality & information of your channel and your videos, do not underestimate the importance of marketing. Remember to share your videos on social media sites, embed videos on your website, and consider using paid YouTube advertising to reach a larger audience and build interest in your channel.

The final tip for getting new YouTube subscribers is to not give up. You may not get new subscribers overnight. In fact, it may take weeks or months to begin building your audience. Stick with it and continue to analyze your channel traffic to determine which videos perform the best and worst.

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