9 Vlog Ideas That You Can Start with Right Now 1

9 Vlog Ideas That You Can Start with Right Now

If you have read my 10 YouTube ideas already but didn’t find anything suitable, then this post is for you. Because I have found 9 other awesome ideas that you can take action on today and be up and running in no time.

We all are different and finding something that we want to continue with for a long time isn’t easy, trust me. But when you do, then it’s all in and success is a fact. These posts are to give you some inspiration and help you out on your way there. If you find something, awesome, but if you don’t maybe you got some other ideas.

So, if you are willing to get more ideas for your vlog, let’s start with these 9 ideas that you can start with right now.

Tutorials – For the Teacher in You

Whenever you want to learn something, you go to YouTube to find it, or at least I do. I have spent several hours watching tutorials and if you are good at something, then why not go for it? Maybe you are great at a specific software? Maybe you are awesome at football? Maybe you play guitar and want to learn others.

The possibilities are endless with this one and it’s also very easy. Everybody knows something better than others, and people are most likely interested in that. It comes with the job to like teaching and be willing to go back to older videos answering questions in the comment field, but that is at the same time a great way to engage with your audience.

Sing – Show off Your Good Voice

I am no singer and I don’t want to become one either, as I believe the world is a better place with me not being an artist. But there are others that don’t feel the same way, and instead want to flourish as a singer. Then YouTube is the perfect platform.

Did you know that Justin Bieber started out on YouTube? He posted videos of him singing and people started following him. Sure, you might not become the next Justin Beiber but you don’t need that kind of following to have fun on YouTube.

Teach others (tutorials, remember?) how to sing, how to prepare their voice and other techniques that there is in singing. Let others that share the same dream as you watch you grow to the star you are.

Impersonations – For the Hilarious Guy

Watching someone else impersonate a famous person (or their grandmother) can be hilarious and I love that stuff. If you are good at impersonations, there is a place for you on YouTube. Because I am not alone to think it’s fun.

It’s also a great way to collaborate with others and making them aware of you. If you impersonate another YouTuber in a fun way (and they are the kind of person who would think it’s fun), they might recognize you on their channel, driving up the views on your videos.

Rant – Tell Everyone How Angry You are at Something

Ranting is a great way to talk about things you don’t like. It’s also a very popular thing on YouTube. If it’s about a subject that is very current, maybe in the political world, or a game launch, you could get a lot of views.

While I think it’s possible to rant in every video, I think it might be hard to get a following with that. Ranting is usually a bad thing and doing this over and over can’t be fun in the end, I assume.

But what can you rant about? Well, anything really. Searching for “ranting videos” on YouTube is giving a lot of results that people apparently watch. There’s a guy with 200K views ranting about school and another one from nigahiga (21 million subscribers) ranting about award shows. So yeah, you can rant about anything.

TV Shows – Talk About Your Favorite Characters

I love watching TV-shows. I follow all the superhero shows like The Flash, Arrow, Luke Cage and others. After watching a show, I always go to YouTube to see what others think and get more information that I might have missed during the show.

If you are really into TV shows, starting a YouTube channel about it is not a bad idea. I would suggest it to be a special genre of TV shows, as just “TV Shows” would be too broad and you would not really get a following from that.

You can talk about the top 10 things in an episode, plot twists, how you think the ending will be and so much more. With all the streaming services popping up and growing bigger, this is probably just going to grow bigger during 2019 as well.

Money Saving Tips – Tell People How to Handle Their Economy

Everybody wants to save some buck here and there and if you are into personal finance, that might be just the job for you. Every month, people are searching for ways to save money and help their economic situation. Searching for personal finance on YouTube gives a lot of results, many of them with over 100K views on 3-4 months old videos.

This topic will require that you have some sort of knowledge about finance so that you don’t give out bad advice. You should also have some form of credibility when it comes to financing as, at least I, wouldn’t trust a random person that is talking about how I should handle my finances.

Relationships – Share Your Skills as a Romantic

A topic that is extremely popular, not just on YouTube, but overall, is dating. Why that is, I can only guess, but we all love some drama, which dating is usually full of.

But of course, dating is much more than that. Have you gone through a divorce and want to share your feelings and maybe help others that go through the same? The feeling of being married and how to propose to the girlfriend can be other topics in this niche.

But it doesn’t have to be about your better half. Discussing the relationships with parents could be a hot topic. But just as with finance, it’s recommended that you have gone through the stuff you are talking about or if you have an education in phycology, as you are talking about people’s feelings.

History – For the Historian in You

Another topic that is very popular. This is something that you can start with without any background experience. You could make a video about historical events or focus on a specific time. This niche is full of fans and finding information about historical events isn’t as hard with some googling.

You could also create a website and write blog posts, adding your video to it. This would get you multiple sources of income and increase both views and traffic. Of course, this could be done with anything, but I believe that history is a good topic for both text and video.

Or why not go the other way around and talk about the future and what happens in 100 years?

Cooking – Easy, Everyone Can Cook

I love cooking shows and I watch them all the time on TV. It’s nice to see other amateurs making the same mistakes as I do as well as to see the professional chefs making the most amazing things.

If you are good at cooking and think it’s fun, then creating your own YouTube cooking channel is not a bad idea. You should have a kitchen that allows for filming while you cook and then cook and give inspiration to everyone watching.

Give them small tips on how to make that tomato sauce better, how to know when the meat is perfect and what to do with white asparagus. It’s something we’ve seen already but just can’t get enough of.

Final Words

This list could go on and on. While I made research for this post, I saw some other blogs listing 100s of topics and while that may be a nice article to click on, I don’t find it very useful. However, it shows that the only thing that blocks you from finding an idea is yourself.

Sure, you may not become the next Zoella with a cooking channel but is that really what you want? If you like cooking, then cook. If you like money, then talk about money. It’s only your imagination that stops you. Pick a topic and get started, you can always change your mind later.

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