Are GoPros Good for Vlogging? (They are Awesome) 1

Are GoPros Good for Vlogging? (They are Awesome)

Are you looking for a camera to use for you vlog that is portable, durable and incredibly easy to use? Then you want to get a GoPro. While you may get away with using a different type of camera if you are going to be vlogging from the safety of your living room, this is not true outdoors.

Going hiking, skiing, anything that requires you to be outside will benefit from a GoPro. In this post, you will learn what a GoPro is, why they are great and the disadvantages with them. Get ready to take your vlogging to the next level by continue reading…

What’s So Special About GoPros?

When you use a GoPro for vlogging, you won’t have to worry about a lot of expensive setups for you to get started making your videos. While you will need a tripod, like this one from Amazon, or a selfie stick to get started, the GoPro has all of the ability and power that you need to record quality videos on the go.

The main reason why GoPros are so popular is that they have been made and marketed to go anywhere as long as you have the right proper mounting hardware. This means that, as a vlogger, you are no longer confined to recording videos in your living room. You can now mount your camera on your helmet, put it on your four-wheeler, or simply hold it in your hand as you walk. Being able to record on the go and not worry about your camera being damaged if you were to accidentally drop it has really opened up the vlogging world.

Additionally, unlike some other video cameras, GoPro cameras tend to be a lot less expensive and also are packed with amazing features. This means that you can spend less and still get a camera that offers different shooting modes, sharp shots, and decent audio.

Because GoPro cameras are dust-proof, shockproof, and waterproof; can be used in freezing temperatures without failing; offer high-quality video even at high altitudes; and can withstand humid environments, it’s easy to see how you can take your camera with you so that you never miss a shot no matter where you want to film. This is very different from a lot of DSLR cameras that are designed only for indoor use or to be used in temperate conditions.

The latest version is the GoPro HERO7 Black, which you can find on Amazon. To see some examples of what can be done with a GoPro, check out the video down below.

Benefits of Vlogging with a GoPro

One of the main benefits of using a GoPro for vlogging is its small size. You can easily buy a camera that is designed specifically for vlogging; however, the GoPro is not only sized perfectly for you to carry it discreetly but is very easy to use and maneuver. It can be very awkward to carry and use a larger flip camera without people noticing what you are doing but a GoPro will remove some of the uncomfortable feelings of filming in a public place.

GoPros also have a number of different shooting modes that you can choose from so that you can add enjoyment to your video without having to perform a lot of editing at a later time. One popular feature is the time-lapse feature. Some models of GoPro cameras have different features or capabilities, such as night-lapse and even long exposure abilities to allow you to get really unique footage. For this reason, it’s important to compare what features the GoPro you are looking at has so you can choose the right one for you.

Not only are GoPro cameras small and powerful but they are incredibly portable and can be put in your purse, your pocket, or your backpack when you are on the move. This makes it easy to bring your GoPro with you whenever you leave the house if you desire so that you never miss a shot that you want to vlog about.

Finally, while you will want a dedicated microphone when you are ready to really take your vlogging to the next level, it’s possible to capture fairly decent audio with the latest GoPro Hero7, which can be sound on Amazon, without investing in a separate microphone. This will not only save you some money but also ensure that you always have the equipment that you need with you when you want to shoot. Of course, when you are recording in a windy spot, you will suffer from background noise; however, most of the time, you can enjoy clear audio.

Disadvantages of Vlogging with GoPro

Unfortunately, even though GoPros are excellent for vlogging, there are a few drawbacks to using these cameras that you will want to be aware of so that you can prepare for or compensate for the issue. This means that you will be able to deal with any potential issues so that they don’t ruin your shot, which can be really frustrating.

One common issue that vloggers experience when they use GoPros to record their videos is that the cameras do not have any onboard stabilization. This means that no matter if you are holding the camera in your hands or have it on a tripod or selfie stick, there will usually be very noticeable vibrations and wobbles in your footage.

Now, this has been changed with the latest HERO7 but since they are still selling earlier versions, it’s important to note that stabilization is not very good on these ones. You will want to use a stabilizer with your GoPro so that your shots are much more fluid and will appear more professional and appealing to your viewers.

GoPros also aren’t known for having the best battery life so you will want to plan ahead and make sure that you bring spare batteries with you when you are going to be recording out of your home. While GoPro batteries drain quickly even on a good day, if you are recording in 2.7k or even higher, then your battery will drain faster. To make sure that you are prepared for any problems while filming, charge a few extra batteries and bring them with you whenever you leave to film. A good idea is to get this 3-pack battery + charger kit from Amazon.

When you’re ready to update your audio and invest in an external microphone, you are going to run into a small problem. There really isn’t a fast and easy way to connect an external microphone to your GoPro and you will have to buy an adapter to connect the two. Not only is this expensive but it also means that you then have a bulky cable on your camera that you need to deal with and work around, which isn’t ideal.

Finally, most GoPros do not come with a viewfinder. What this means is that unless you are willing to use the app when filming, you will really struggle to tell exactly what the lens is going to capture. Over time, you will get better at judging what is in the frame and what is not but this can make it difficult to get the perfect shot. If having the perfect frame on your shot matters to you, then you will want to make sure to use the app or invest in a GoPro model that comes with a viewfinder for the best results.

Is a GoPro Better Than Other Cameras to Vlog with?

With the right additional equipment, you will really love vlogging with a GoPro. This is especially true if you are going to start a YouTube channel that features outdoor activities or a lot of wild stunts as the GoPro is well known for being durable and able to record incredible action without a loss of video quality. While there is a little bit of a learning curve to vlogging with a GoPro, just as there is with any camera, you can enjoy incredible action shots, clear audio, and the ability to go just about anywhere without worrying about the condition of your camera.

For this reason, both indoor and outdoor vloggers turn to GoPros as they aren’t ever limited in what or where they can record. For the freedom that you crave with vlogging, you will definitely want to use a GoPro. A recommendation is to get the latest GoPro HERO7 Black from Amazon, which features all the latest bells and whistles that you would need for your videos.

Make Sure to Get a Good Microphone

When you are ready to be taken a little more seriously as a vlogger or when your YouTube channel starts to get really popular, it’s time to invest in a dedicated microphone that you can use. Since GoPros are great action cameras but don’t have the best sound quality, you need to choose the right microphone for your needs. While these aren’t very easy to connect to your GoPro, they will make a huge difference in the quality of your sound and your recordings and will quickly elevate your videos. Not only will you enjoy clearer and better quality sound with a microphone but this means that your videos will appear much more professional and may appeal to a wider audience.

While GoPros have a great audio pickup, it can be difficult to prevent ambient noise from being recorded and making your videos difficult to hear. The best way to combat this is with a lavalier microphone that will clip to your clothing so you can move around without worrying about cords keeping you in place. You can also get a lavalier microphone like the Rode SmartLav+ from Amazon, which will connect to your phone. In editing, you can then sync sound and video.

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