Does YouTube Pay for Likes on Your Videos? 9

Does YouTube Pay for Likes on Your Videos?

If you think that starting a vlog is a fast and easy way to make money, then you may be surprised at how much work actually goes into the beginning and running your vlog on a daily basis. Many people believe that making money on YouTube is easy because they have heard the rumor that YouTube will pay its members for the likes that they get on their videos.

While it would have been nice if YouTube paid for likes, that is not the case. There is a lot more going into making money on YouTube than simply getting a lot of likes on your videos. In this post, you will learn how you can get started making money with YouTube, how much YouTubers are earning and why you don’t get paid for likes. Continue reading to find out.

No, YouTube Does Not Pay for Likes on Your Videos

There’s a common misconception among many people who aren’t vloggers and some vloggers who are just starting out that YouTube will pay them for the likes that they get on their videos. Unfortunately, this just isn’t true. While it would be nice to get paid per like, there are other ways to make money on YouTube.

Those methods will take a little more work and dedication, which is why you want to plan ahead when starting your channel and think about how you can monetize your videos without worrying about the number of likes that you get.

How Do YouTubers Make Money from YouTube?

YouTube Ads

The main way that YouTubers get paid is by running ads at the beginning of their videos. You will get paid a different amount per ad than other YouTubers and the amount that you get paid depends on how many people view the ad. This is known as the cost per 1000 views or CPM. A larger channel that has a lot of views and more engagement from its subscribers is going to make more per CPM than someone who is just starting out and doesn’t have a lot of views will be able to.

The important thing to remember about CPM is that you need to encourage volume. The more views on your videos each day, the more money that you will be able to make, thanks to the ads that play when your video is viewed. By adding more videos to your channel, you will be able to reach more people. This also means that you can gain new subscribers as they find both your old and your new videos, which in time will result in even more views.

Does YouTube Pay for Likes on Your Videos? 10

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Affiliate Marketing

Another way to make money from YouTube has nothing to do with CPM or ad revenue. Affiliate marketing allows YouTubers to simply put a link to a service or product that relates to what they are vlogging about in the description of their videos. When viewers click on the link, the YouTuber may be able to get a commission on sales that are generated. This is something that bloggers have been doing for a long time and vloggers can also take advantage of ad revenue to help supplement their incomes.


Brand sponsorship is another great way to monetize your YouTube channel. Many brands are willing to work with popular YouTubers and pay them to either review a product in a new video or simply mention the brand in a video. While YouTubers are required to mention that a video review is an ad, this is a great way to make more money than you would through ads. While sponsors usually target very big channels, small channels can sometimes get lucky.


Finally, using Patreon is a good way to make money, although the amount that you make will vary and won’t be steady from month to month, which can make budgeting a little more difficult. Patreon allows vloggers, bloggers, and podcasters to get donations from their fans and makes it easy to offer rewards in return for donations. While the site does take 10% of all donations processed through Patreon, this is a great way for YouTubers to connect directly with their fans and make a lot of money if they are lucky.

Does YouTube Pay for Likes on Your Videos? 11

If you are interested in a more in-depth article on how to make money with YouTube, you can read my article about how vloggers make money here.

Should You Buy Views to Get More Money from Ads?

Many new YouTubers feel a lot of pressure to get as many views as possible so that they can start making money from their ads and even turn to buy views so that they can start bringing in revenue. In fact, there are many companies that offer this service and promise to help promote your video and get you more views in a shorter time frame than you could have gotten on your own. Remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it generally is.

When you work with one of these companies and pay them money to get you more views, you are wasting your time and your money. While you may get some more views on your video, this is not the best way to drive traffic to your site and can cause you to get scammed out of your money and even result in you having problems with YouTube in the future.

Does YouTube Pay for Likes on Your Videos? 12

Not only are these companies a scam but buying views is against YouTube policy and can result in both your video and possibly even your channel being shut down by YouTube if they find out that you have bought views from a company. This is because the policy clearly states that views on your video should be the result of someone wanting to watch your video and deciding to on his or her own and not as the result of incentivized views. Additionally, if you work with a spam company that gets you additional views, you will be the one held responsible and not the company that you hire.

It’s easy to see that YouTube frowns upon buying views to try to increase your ad revenue and that if you are caught, you can be penalized. It’s best not to attempt to buy your views but instead focus on improving your content and making sure that you are interesting, engaging, and updating on a regular basis. Still not convinced? Check out this list of 7 reasons why you should not buy YouTube views from Medium.

How Do You Get Paid by YouTube?

YouTube pays you every time someone clicks on the ad that runs before your video or clicks on one of the advertisements that pop up while your video is playing. In order to get paid, there are a few things that you will need to do first, including setting up a YouTube account and enabling the monetization feature. Once your account is set up and ready to be monetized, then you need to connect your account to a Google AdSense account.

Most people click to skip ads or close them but there is a smaller amount who will click the ad, which results in you getting paid. Generally speaking, you get paid more for clicks on ads that are before your video, known as rollout ads, than the banner ads that pop up while the video is playing. You can also get a smaller amount of money for views on ads. Since the ads are specifically chosen to relate to the content of your video, the idea is that they will appeal to the people watching and you will get more clicks.

How Much Money Do YouTubers Make?

This is the big question that everyone asks when they are considering starting a YouTube channel and want to supplement their incomes. The first thing to know is that some YouTubers may not make a lot of money but will be given gifts or products such as a car by companies as long as they are shown in videos. Merchandise gifts can often outweigh what YouTubers are making from their ad revenue so keep that in mind when you are trying to figure out how much your favorite YouTuber makes.

Does YouTube Pay for Likes on Your Videos? 13

If you are hoping to make a lot of money with your ads, then you need to have a lot of views and a lot of clicks. Most YouTubers are paid around $5 to $8 per 1000 views of their videos, depending on how many people click the ads. If you only have banner ads in your videos, then you can expect to get paid around $0.80 per 1000 views, which is why ads at the beginning of your videos are so much more appealing.

While most YouTubers are fairly quiet about how much money they actually make from their channels, it’s easy to work the numbers and figure out how many views you need to make a certain amount of money. With a million views on rollout ads each month, you could possibly make around $5,000-$8,000. Of course, this assumes that you have a very active channel with a number of subscribers who are not only watching your videos but also clicking on your ads.

Even though YouTube takes 45% from users’ earnings, the most popular channel on YouTube, PewDiePie, made $12 million in 2017 according to Forbes estimations. It should also be mentioned that he, at the time, had around 55-60 million subscribers, which is something that most channels don’t have. You can find other YouTubers and their expected earnings in this older post on how much do vloggers make, here on Vlogging Extra.

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