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Sites to Promote Your YouTube Videos

Actively promoting your YouTube videos is an important part of getting the views that you need to make money from your channel. While promoting them with your friends and family is a great place to start, to ensure that you are reaching people outside of your circle of influence, you need to also use sites that are designed for YouTube video promotion. Doing so will allow you to reach other people and find new viewers that you may not have otherwise been able to connect with.

In this post, you’ll learn more about websites where you can share your newly created video as well as the best websites to share the video on. The easy part is creating the video, promoting is the hard part. Read on to not miss this step.

Sites to Promote Your YouTube Videos 12 not only makes it easy for you to post your YouTube videos but also for people to find them as it is fast and simple to search on this site, you can see recent posts from users, and some trending videos are featured.

The great thing about this site is that you can easily submit your videos and have them posted but they won’t necessarily be marketed or targeted to any viewers, which means that you may not get the additional traffic to your channel that you want. However, it’s a perfect option if you are wary of spending money while getting your channel set up.

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With Sprizzy you can easily expand the overall reach of your video so that it can be seen by as many people as possible. Not only will your video be advertised on blogs and websites that are in the same niche as your channel but since it will be seen by people outside of YouTube, you can generally expect an increase in traffic to your channel.

When you use this site, you have control over where your video is placed and who it targets and you work with an account manager to manage your campaign. Each visitor who clicks your video to watch it costs $0.03 while all fan page likes, subscribers, and clicks to your personal website are free.

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Voat looks really similar to other user-generated and runs sites where all of the content that is submitted is moderated, organized, and voted on by users. The voting is what causes the videos to be raised or lowered in ranking, making them less or more visible to other users.

If you submit content and Voat makes money from ad revenue, then you can get a percentage of this, which can be a nice boost to your bottom line. However, the best thing to do if you are going to use this site is trying to focus on uploading the highest-quality videos that you can so that they will catch people’s eyes, be voted on to improve the ranking and be more visible.

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Drummitup is a community designed to make it easy for users to share and also promote any of their YouTube videos, so they can find new subscribers and have visitors to their channels. It’s easy to search through different video categories to find videos that interest you and uploading to the site is fast and easy as well.

One thing to remember about using Drummitup is that you will have a lot of competition from other users. You have to make sure that your video really stands out or it can become easily lost in all of the other videos on the site.


There is a subreddit that is only for small YouTubers who want to promote their videos called SmallYTChannel. Here, you can publish your video and then get upvoted to get higher on the page for more people to see it.

The subreddit is like its own little community where you can get tips, tricks and more from other users. This is also a great place to find other channels in your size to collaborate with. It’s a great place if you are new and have questions on how things work, as people in this subreddit are often happy to help.

The Best Sites to Promote Your Videos are Social Media

While the above sites are a great way to promote your videos when you are just getting started or gaining your confidence, reaching people through your social media accounts is always preferable. Some people think that the above sites are a bit spammy and they are much more likely to trust content that you post about on your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

If you do not already have active social media accounts, then now is the time to set them up as they will allow you not only to reach a lot of people but also to build your brand. This is important if you want to be seen as a professional and someone who can be relied upon.

Reddit also has other subreddits that are worth checking out, like the vlog subreddit. It allows you to post your new videos and then interact with other users to discuss them, answer questions, and get new ideas. The reddit community tends to be very welcoming and is generally happy to talk to new users about views and then check out their channels to help with numbers and views.

Not only will you have the opportunity to get new subscribers when you post your information on reddit, but you can enjoy fantastic feedback that will help point you in the right direction.

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Other Ways to Promote Your Video

In addition to posting about your video online or linking to it through your social media accounts, there are some other great ways to ensure that you are reaching new viewers. One of the best ways to get people to visit your channel is by commenting on other videos. Remember that vloggers make up a community and when you interact with other vloggers, they will often come and see what you have been making and posting. When you take the time to leave thoughtful comments on videos, other vloggers will often come to your channel in return.

Another way to promote your video is by setting up a website where you can publish your videos and link to your YouTube account. If you already have a blog that you update regularly and that has a lot of readers, then you will want to take advantage of this audience. Since they already are interested in what you write, they probably will want to hear what you have to say as well. Embedding your videos in your posts keeps everything streamlined and easy to navigate.

It’s also very important that your videos have interesting titles and eye-catching thumbnails. You can either use a template design to speed up the process of creating a thumbnail or make your own from scratch. A custom thumbnail will ensure that your video stands out in the suggested or related videos section. Using YouZign or Canva makes it easy to create a thumbnail quickly.

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